Leonardo Annecca’s life as an architect and designer began at age 11, when he turned his father’s office-den into a workshop. He spent most of his childhood in Italy creating furniture models, small-scale houses, and airplane prototypes. In school, he was one of those kids who could never sit still for long—he was always striving for the some more ambitious goal.

Caught in a generation of designers that are often different just for the sake of being different, Leonardo draws upon minimalist-inspired design to breathe life into and create new spatial meanings, providing unique spaces that are not just aesthetically beautiful, they have soul.

After graduating young from university in Italy with a degree in economics, Leonardo redesigned his own life, blasting off into a career that blurred the lines between design, modern ballet, and architecture. A student and assistant to G. Colombo at the Fine Art & Design School in Milan, he graduated in 1994, and then moved to Paris to attend the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 1997, he graduated with a degree in interior architecture, and then went on to secure his architectural diploma from the School of Architecture in Paris in 2003.

Before starting his own practice in Paris in 2003 and in New York in 2004, he worked with world famous designers and architects in Paris and San Francisco. During that time he worked on high-end hospitality projects, including the Victor Hotel in Miami and Wynn Las Vegas, in collaboration with Jacques Garcia Office.

Leonardo’s vision, underscored by his prestigious education and background, is constantly taking his intuitive approach to design to a new level. He is always thinking about a new way of living and connecting sensual experiences with the spaces we live in. Following his muses, he has become a globetrotting designer. Along the way, he’s left his footprint in Milan, Rome, London, Paris, Cannes, San Francisco and New York.

Warm and fun, a rebel yet a tireless worker, Leonardo draws an intuitive and energetic vision of design. In a world ruled by one global economy and style, he has reversed the homogeneity and uniformity bred by globalization and created a new attitude and signature style : Happy Minimalism.

- Meaghan O’Neill, journalist New York -