XXS LIFE is a design approach I’ve developed over the past few years. XXS LIFE is more than a method: It’s an attitude and a design philosophy that applies to high-density and metropolitan living.
In the context of urban living, space comes at a premium—high prices make designing small a necessity. XXS LIFE, however, is not just about designing small spaces.
Instead, it’s about redesigning the way we think, feel, build, eat, and even travel.
XXS LIFE is a holistic attitude toward life and toward space.
It’s a way to reduce the resources and efforts that go into manufacturing, materials, and construction without loosing any of the freshness or unexpectedness of good design should impart.
It’s about sustainability—not just recycling a small percentage of our waste, but using what we have to get what we want in an intelligent way.
It’s about cutting costs without cutting corners. It’s about smart design.
Using this approach, I wish to change the way we think of and utilize spaces in various urban settings. XXS LIFE intends to change the way we view our homes and how we eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, experience art galleries, and work in our offices.
XXS LIFE aims to make people feel big not only in their spaces, but in their minds and in their souls.
It aims to make people feel light, free, and, of course, chic.